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Karol Parfienczyk

Javascript / ES6 / Angular / React / Magento

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About Me

My name is Karol and I’m a frontend JS developer. I'm an experienced frontend JS developer, who enjoys making ‘stuff’ for web. I code in WebStorm (but I’m also using Atom), I use iTerm2 and Vagrant, SCSS is my preferred flavour of CSS preprocessor.
Outside of work I love old VW, cars, music and snowboard.

Technical Skills

HTML & CSS, Javascript/ES6, Angular, React, SASS, Less, Gulp, Webpack, GruntJS, NodeJS, Magento Frontend (see Certificate)


2014/12-nowWSNYC - AngularJS, JS Developer, Magento Developer
2014/01 - 2014/07Polcode Web Developer, Trainer
2013/01 - 2013/12Netbulls Web Developer, Trainer
2011/11 - 2012/12GogoMedia - Web Developer, Trainer
2008/04 - 2009/114e - Web Developer, PHP/Zend Developer


2007-2002 - Technical University in Bialystok - IT/Computer Science, Master of Science

[email protected] +48 512 086 511